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Established in the 1980s at the MIT  Sloan School of Management, the Total Data Quality Management Program (TDQM) is the first of its kind data quality research initiative in the world. It has formed the foundation and shaped the direction of the data quality field. TDQM's research effort has been grown from industry needs for high quality data. The overall objective of this program was to establish a solid theoretical foundation in this embryonic field and, from this work, to devise practical methods for business and industry to improve data quality. We develop tools and other capabilities necessary for data quality management in the technical, economic, and organizational phases of business operations.

Since 2003, the majority of activities of the TDQM Program were integrated with the MIT Information Quality Program. The TDQM website represents activity prior to that point, and all other information can be found here on the MITIQ website.

Please direct any questions to Dr. Stuart E. Madnick ( or Dr. Richard Wang (, co-heads of the MIT TDQM Program.


M.I.T. Information Quality Program
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 U.S.A.

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