July 15-17, 2009   |   MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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About Us

Making a Difference

As a premier industry symposium, MIT IQIS aims to make a difference in the world—ultimately, contributing to the socio-economic development of the society at large. Helping organizations capture and harness the immense potential power of information is our central means to this end. The Symposium actively facilitates the vibrant exchange of ideas among practitioners and academicians, in order to build a collaborative community of practice held together by a strong common belief that discovering the true power of information is the key to dramatically increasing the productivity of people, organizations, and economies. In this sense, our mission and philosophy are congruent with MIT's dedication to enhance human conditions and promote the prosperity of the society at large.


MIT IQIS is an initiative of the MIT Information Quality Program, which is based at MIT’s Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development (CTPID). It is an annual Symposium, held in mid-July every year at the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The upcoming Symposium is scheduled for July 15-16, 2009.

Members of many professional organizations and associations participate and support MIT IQIS. In particular, the upcoming Symposium is held in cooperation with DAMA International.

MIT IQIS complements its sister IQ forum at MIT, the annual International Conference on Information Quality. MIT IQIS is intended and designed to serve the practitioners, with practice-oriented topics and format. ICIQ focuses on academic research papers and case studies.


Proceeds from this not-for-profit event will support

The new ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality The International Conference on Information Quality The Stuart E. Madnick ICIQ Best Paper Award The Donald Ballou & Harold Pazer IQ Ph.D. Dissertation Award The MS and PhD Information Quality programs at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock

For additional information about MIT IQIS, please contact Dr. WooYoung Chung (wyc@mit.edu).

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