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Proceedings of the 2011
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
Andy Koronios (University of SA, Australia), & Jing Gao> (University of SA, Australia)
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ICIQ-2011 Program Overview
Andy Koronios & Jing Gau, Eds.
10 61

Keynote: A Practitioner's View of the Really Big Data Quality Research Issues
Thomas C. Redman, Ph.D.
23 23

Keynote: What Does the Next Generation of Business Models Mean for Information Quality?
Robert Hillard
8 15

Keynote: Cloud Computing and Data Quality Services
Mukesh Mohania
15 22

Keynote: Employing ISO9001 to Improve Water Information Quality in New South Wales
Tom Redman
30 14

Keynote: Data Quality in Shell: Building IQ Knowledge and Skills
Ken Self
9 20

Keynote: A Journey Towards Enhanced Data Quality in Healthcare
Dr Zoran Bolevich
17 8

DAQ_UWE: A Framework for Designing Data Quality Aware Web Applications
César Guerra-García, Ismael Caballero, Laure Berti-Équille, & Mario Piattini
15 10

Towards a Quality Model for Semantic IS Standards
Erwin Folmer & Joris van Soest
15 8

Ontology-based Data Quality Framework for Data Stream Applications
Sandra Geisler, Sven Weber, & Christoph Quix
15 14

Federating Information System Quality Frameworks Using a Common Ontology
Samira Si-saïd Cherfi, Jacky Akoka, & Isabelle Comyn-Wattiau
14 8

Active Repair of Data Quality Rules
Fei Chiang & Renée J. Miller
15 9

A Classification of Data Quality Assessment Methods
Alexander Borek, Philip Woodall, Martin Oberhofer, & Ajith Kumar Parlikad
15 23

Auditing Data Streams for Correlated Glitches
Ji Meng Loh & Tamraparni Dasu
15 6

A Fuzzy Search Model for Dealing with Retrieval Issues in Some Classes of Dirty Data
Olufade, F. W. ONIFADE & Oladeji, P. AKOMOLAFE
14 12

A Patient-Oriented Approach to Comprehensive Health Information Quality Improvement
O. Isaac Osesina, Marie-Astrid Cartron-Mizeracki, & John Talburt
11 11

Rethinking Data Quality as an Outcome of Conceptual Modeling Choices
Roman Lukyanenko & Jeffrey Parsons
15 10

Subjective Image Quality Prediction based on Neural Network
Sertan Kaya, Mariofanna Milanova, John Talburt, Brian Tsou, & Marina Altynova
8 11

Subjective Evaluation of Believability in Visualization of Data
Ahmed Abuhalimeh, M. Eduard Tudoreanu, & Thikra Mustafa
10 14

Using Bug Reports as a Software Quality Measure
Liguo Yu, Srini Ramaswamy, & Anil Nair
10 9

Design Consideration for Identity Resolution in Batch and Interactive Architectures
Fumiko Kobayashi, Eric D. Nelson, & John R. Talburt
14 5

Exploring the “Crowd” as Enabler of Better Information Quality
Pascal Wichmann, Alexander Borek, Robert Kern, Philip Woodall, Ajith Kumar Parlikad, & Gerhard Satzger
11 7

Research and Industry Synergies in Data Quality Management
Shazia Sadiq, Marta Indulska, & Vimukthi Jayawardene
13 8

Entity Identity Information Management (EIIM)
Yinle Zhou & John R. Talburt
15 7

Relevance of Information Quality Studies in Information Systems Education in Australia
Elaine George & Dr. Jing Gao
15 6

Strategic Alignment of Information Quality: Academic and Practical Views
Zbigniew J Gackowski
14 10

Information Quality Activities within the Industry Initiative of Service-Oriented Architecture Implementation
Muhammad Suhaizan Sulong, Andy Koronios, Jing Gao, & Azlianor Abdul-Aziz
12 8

A Hierarchical Clustering Approach to Support the Data Verification Process in
Frank Beer & Kai-Uwe Baryga
16 6

? A Software Infrastructure for Information Quality Assessment
Morgan Ericsson, Anna Wingkvist, & Welf Löwe
15 6

Query Result Quality: Efficient Profiling and Estimation
Naiem K. Yeganeh, Shazia Sadiq, Mohamed A. Sharaf, & Ke Deng
12 7

An Approach Using Hidden Markov Model for Estimating and Replacing Missing Categorical Data
Jianjun Cao, Xingchun Diao, Ning Zhang, & Ting Wang
8 6

Data Quality Management in a Business Intelligence Environment: From the Lens of Metadata
Yuriy Verbitskiy & William Yeoh
13 10

IQ As an Enabler of the Green and Collaborative Supply Chain
Anne-Christine Le Dû & François de Corbière
14 6

Assessment of Information Quality Used in Advice to the Royal Australian Navy
Ronald F. Mead & Stephen R. Kennett
14 4

Towards a Process for Total Information Risk Management
Alexander Borek, Ajith Kumar Parlikad, & Philip Woodal
15 10

Trusted Data Markets and the Role of Data Quality
David Becker
15 11

Managing Multisource Database: Between Theory and Practice
Soumaya Ben Hassine-Guetari & Brigitte Laboisse
15 6

IQUATE: Modeling the Causes and Impacts of Information Quality
Jochen Kokemüller
12 7

World Oil Reserves Data: Information Quality Assessment Analysis (Case)
Yusuf Yiliyasi & Daniel Berleant
14 7

The Relationship between Information Quality and National Cultural in Jordan: Conceptual Framework
Ali Bakhit S. AL-Jaafreh
22 8

The Combined Conceptual Life Cycle Model of Information Quality: User Perceptions of IQ on the Web
Shirlee-ann Knight
21 9

Judgment of Information Quality during Information Seeking and Use in the Workplace: A Case Study of Marketing Professional
Jia Tina Du
8 4

The Skills of the Information/Data Quality Professional
C. Lwanga Yonke, Christian Walenta, & John Talburt
17 13

Enterprise Architecture Led Data Quality Strategy
Jay Barua
15 6

Data Quality for Credit Risk Management: New Insights and Challenges
Helen-Tadesse Moges, Karel Dejaeger, Wilfried Lemahieu, & Bart Baesens
15 6

A Process for Total Information Risk Management (TIRM) in Asset Intensive Organisations
Alexander Borek
15 4

Thank you to this year’s Sponsors
Andy Koronios & Jing Gau, Eds.
1 6

Call for Papers - 17th International Conference on Information Quality (ICIQ 2012)
ICIQ-2012 Co-Chairs: Jacky Akoka, Andy Koronios, Brigitte Laboisse, & John Talburt
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