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Proceedings of the 2010
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
John R. Talburt (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA), & Elizabeth Pierce (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA)
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2010 ICIQ Program Overview
John Talburt & Elizabeth Pierce
46 25

Keynote: Information and Software Quality, Integrity and Usability from the Viewpoint of NIST
Cita M. Furlani
32 27

A Novel Approach to the Evaluation and Improvement of Data Quality in the Financial Sector
Karel Dejaeger, Bart Hamersb, Jonas Poelmansa, & Bart Baesensa
9 23

Enabling Transparency & Trust in Financial Data Through Semantic Data Quality Rating System
Ashu Bhatnagar
28 12

Using a Metro-Ethernet Project to Address Information Quality Challenges with Technology
James McGinnis, Bruce Upton
5 10

A Decision Rule Method for Data Quality Assessment
Nawaf Alkharboush & Yuefeng Li
12 34

A Hybrid Approach to Assessing Data Quality
Philip Woodall & Ajith Kumar Parlikad
16 30

Subjective Evaluation of Perception of Accuracy in Visualization of Data
Ahmed Abuhalimeh, M. Eduard Tudoreanu, & Erich A. Peterson
12 15

Assessing Information Quality Deficiencies in Emergency Medical Service Performance
Shuyan Xie & Markus Helfert
14 10

Assuring Information Quality of Electronic Health Records in eHealth Platform
Ying Su, Ling Yin, & Latif Al-Hakim
9 12

Tracing Infectious Diseases in South America: An Information Quality Challenge
Maria Jose Espona
11 9

The Business Value from Data Quality
Danette McGilvray
30 29

Enterprise Master Data Architecture: Design Decisions and Options
Boris Otto & Alexander Schmidt
13 16

Corporate Data Quality Management in Context
Ana Lucas
19 13

Master Data Management: A Proof of Concept
Helena Galhardas, Luis Torres, João Damásio
14 17

Quality of Information in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
Vinay Sachidananda, Abdelmajid Khelil, & Neeraj Suri
15 16

Improving Environmental Sensor Data Quality Using a Categorization of Data Properties
Irbis Gallegos, Ann Gates, & Craig Tweedie
15 8

Dempster-Shafer Based Information Quality Processing in Smart Environments
Soukaina Messaoudi, Kamilia Messaoudi, & Serhan Dagtas
11 6

Information Quality Challenges in Social Media
Nitin Agarwal & Yusuf Yiliyasi
15 19

A Framework for Developing Better Instruments for Web-Based Health Information Quality
Samar I. Swaid
13 9

Information Quality for Operations: Framework and Model
Zbigniew J Gackowski
21 16

Using Information Capacity to Assess Integrated Schema
Andrea Maurino, Carlo Batini, & Simone Grega
12 6

The Job of the Information / Data Quality Professional
Christian Walenta
22 15

Data Quality as a Key Success Factor for Migration Projects
Dephine Clement, Soumaya Ben Hassine Guetari, & Brigitte Laboisse
14 16

Migrating and Cleaning Data Using Excel: A Case Study
John Wilton & Anne Matheus
11 12

A Discussion of Methods for the Detection of Errors in a Power Law Distribution
Valerie Sessions & Chris Nuhn
15 8

A General Ranking Strategy for Data Accuracy Management
Irit Askira Gelman
14 12

Snap-On Data Quality Enhancement and Verification Tool (DEVA) for Asset Management
Jing Gao & Andy Koronios
8 6

A New Cycle of Improvement for Information Quality Services
Sandra Collovini de Abreu, Tércio Oliveira de Almeida, Luiz Carlos Ribeiro Junior, & Marilia Terra de Mello
14 13

Framing Data Quality Research: A Semantic Analysis Approach
Roger Blake & G. Shankaranarayanan
13 20

Analysis of Information Quality Criteria in a Crisis Situation as a Characteristic of Complex Situations
Therese Friberg, Stephan Prödel, & Rainer Koch
14 11

The Effect of Data Quality on Data Mining – Improving Prediction Accuracy by Generic Data Cleansing
Jørgen Stang, Tore Hartvigsen, & Joachim Reitan
15 20

Managing Accuracy of Project Data in a Distributed Project Setting
G. Shankaranarayanan, Nitin R. Joglekar, & Edward G. Anderson Jr.
15 6

Towards a High Performance Merge Solution for Large Scale Datasets
Marília T. de Mello, Gustavo C. Frainer, José G. C. de Souza, & Luiz C. R. Junior
15 8

Towards a Data Intensive Approach to Named Entity Recognition
O. Isaac Osesina & John R. Talburt
15 6

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