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Proceedings of the 2009
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
Paul Bowen (BFlorida State University, USA), Ahmed K. Elmagarmid (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland), & Kai-Uwe Sattler (Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany)
TitlePagesDownloads (since November 7, 2009)
Master Data Management: Products and Research
Jochen Kokemüller & Anette Weisbecker
11 149

Information Management Along the Lifecycle of Data and Application Systems: Challenges and Solution Approaches
Georg Fischer & Axel Herbst
11 91

Flexible and Generic Data Quality Metadata Exchange
David Becker, John Jaster & Jereme Kuperman
15 62

Extending BPMN to Support the Modeling of Data Quality Issues
oelia Sánchez-Serrano, Ismael Caballero & Félix García
15 88

Data Quality through Conceptual Model Quality – Reconciling Researchers and Practitioners through a Customizable Quality Model
Kashif Mehmood, Samira Si-Said Cherfi & Isabelle Comyn-Wattiau
14 89

How to Screen a Data Stream - Quality-Driven Load Shedding in Sensor Data Streams
Anja Klein, Gregor Hackenbroich & Wolfgang Lehner
15 54

SOG: A Synthetic Occupancy Generator to Support Entity Resolution Instruction and Research
John R. Talburt, Yinle Zhou & Savitha Yalanadu Shivaiah
15 42

Computing Uncertain Key Indicators from Uncertain Data
Carlos Rodríguez, Florian Daniel, Fabio Casati & Cinzia Cappiello
15 57

Identification of Business Oriented Data Quality Metrics
Boris Otto, Kai M. Hüner & Hubert Österle
13 138

A Framework for Economic-driven Assessment of Data Quality Decisions
Adir Even & Marcus Kaiser
14 70

A SOA-based Data Quality Assessment Framework in a Medical Science Center
Yao Zhou, Sabine Hanß, Malte Cornils, Sonja Niepage, Claudia Hahn & Thomas Schrader
12 53

Is DQ/IQ the Quality of Information? Two Views
Zbigniew J Gackowski
2 117

A Meta-model for Data Quality Management Simulation
Boris Otto & Kai M. Hüner
2 46

Schema Based Deduplication
Pei Li & Andrea Maurino
2 44

A Multi-Dimensional Model for Assessing the Quality of Answers in Social Q&A Sites
Zhemin Zhu, Delphine Bernhard & Iryna Gurevych
2 52

Multi-Source Object Identification With Constraints
Matteo Di Gioia, Domenico Beneventano & Monica Scannapieco
2 41

EXPLAINIE - Explaining Information Extraction Systems
Wojciech Barczynski, Falk Brauer & Adrian Mocan
2 32

Information Quality Issues in the Mortgage Banking Industry
Rolf T. Wigand, Jerry Wood & Yusuf Yiliyasi
13 73

The Quality of Monitoring Data in Civil Engineering Works
Ana Lucas, António Palma-dos-Reis & Mário Caldeira
14 36

Data Quality Evaluation in an E-Business Environment: A Survey
Soumaya Ben Hassine-Guetari
13 84

Multidimensional Management and Analysis of Quality Measures for CRM Applications at EDF
Verónika Peralta, Virginie Thion-Goasdoué, Zoubida Kedad, Laure Berti-Équille, Isabelle Comyn-Wattiau, Sylvaine Nugier & Samira Si-said-Cherfi
14 56

An Empirical Study on Criteria for Assessing Information Quality in Corporate Wikis
Therese Friberg & Wolfgang Reinhardt
14 65

Towards Assessing Information Quality in Knowledge Management in the Enterprise 2.0
Sven Ahlheid, Therese Friberg, Gernot Graefe, Alexander Krebs, Jan-Philipp Müller & Dirk Schuster
15 64

Web-based Affiliation Matching
David Aumueller & Erhard Rahm
11 40

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