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Proceedings of the 2008
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
Paul Bowen (BFlorida State University, USA), Ahmed K. Elmagarmid (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland), & Kai-Uwe Sattler (Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany)
TitlePagesDownloads (since November 7, 2009)
Initial Study of a “Quick and Dirty” Website Data Quality Index
Irit Askira Gelman & Anthony Barletta
13 44

An Experimental Framework for Ranking Quality of Information on a Weblog
Mohammad Javad Kargar, Fatemeh Azimzadeh & Abd Rahman Ramli
15 39

Evaluating Data Quality of Software Effort Metrics
Rita Berardi & Duncan Ruiz
1 40

Master Data Challenges in a Chemical Company
Patrick Bettschen
1 34

Does Quality Information Matter? An Information Quality Self-Assessment Tool (IQSAT) for Law Enforcement Agencies
Yang Lee, WooYoung Chung & Richard Wang
1 52

Policy Management and TDQM
George Cornecelli & David Becker
1 39

Information Quality Surveys Viewed from the Operations Perspective
Zbigniew Gackowski
1 51

Robust Work practices and Variable Information Quality
Pål Næsje, Kari Skarholt & Thale Andersen
1 27

The Application of Six Sigma to the Assessment of Data Quality and Information Quality for Naval Vessels
Jørgen Stang, Tore Christiansen, David Skogan & Atle Kvalheim
1 39

Text Entry in the Mobile Environment: the Effects of Context on Data Quality
Peter Tarasewich & Jun Gong
1 28

Organizational Total Information Quality Management Network Analysis
Shouhong Wang & Hai Wang
1 26

Improving Institutional Portfolio Performance Through Active Data Quality Management
Chito Jovellanos
14 31

Characteristics of Decision-Useful Financial Reporting Information: An Empirical Validation of the Proposed International Accounting Model
Matthew Bovee, Rajendra Srivastava & Tom Roberts
12 28

Yahoo! Data Quality: Driving Cross-Organizational Improvement
Dan Defend
10 32

Data Quality Issues in the Mortgage Origination Process
Apolonia Lintag
14 30

An Exploratory Study on the Tradeoffs of Improving Intrinsic Versus Representational Data Quality in Decision-Making Outcomes
Kevin Murphy & Pam Neely
16 32

When Information Products are Assessed by the Law: A Case Study
Marilou Haines
10 27

Investigating the Effects of Information Quality on Trust and Risk in Electronic Data Exchanges
Mohammed Ibrahim, Andreas Nicolaou & Eric Van Heck
12 31

Information Quality and Banking Success: Evidence from the Indian Banking Industry
Lawrence Harold & M. Thenmozhi
13 40

The Effects and Interactions of Data Quality and Problem Complexity on Data Mining
Roger Blake & Paul Mangiameli
16 36

Cleaning a Formulation Database Using Rule Discovery Technique
Craig McClanahan
8 31

Using Association Rules to Detect Data Quality Issues
Soumaya Ben Hassine, Delphine Clement & Brigitte Laboisse
14 44

Data Quality Assurance in Workflow Management
Sherry Sun, Wayne Huang & Sherry Zhefang Zhu
15 34

A Method for the Identification and Definition of Information Objects
Alexander Schmidt & Boris Otto
15 34

An empirical research on the evaluation of data quality dimensions
Dennis Fehrenbacher & Markus Helfert
16 78

Information Quality Requirements Classed and Ordered as Operation Factors
Zbigniew Gackowski
18 42

A Generic Data Quality Framework Applied to the Product Data for Naval Vessels
Jørgen Stang, Tore Christiansen, David Skogan, Atle Kvalheim & Tor Arne Irgens
16 32

Decision Support with Data Quality Metadata
G. Shankaranarayanan, Bin Zhu & Yu Cai,
15 41

Ontological Framework for Minimizing the Risk of Non-Quality Data During Knowledge Reconciliation in Economic Intelligence Process
Olufade Onifade, Odile Thiery, Adenike Osofisan & Gerald Duffing
14 21

Enabling Better Decisions through Quality-Aware Reports in Business Intelligence Applications
Florian Daniel, Fabio Casati, Themis Palpanas, Oleksiy Chayka & Cinzia Cappiello
15 38

Ismael Caballero, Eugenio Verbo, Coral Calero & Mario Piattini
15 60

Assuring Quality of Geo-information for Disaster Management
Ying Su, Zhanming Jin & XiaoDong Huang
15 26

Tracing Data Pollution in Large Business Applications
Laure Berti-Equille
11 30

Information Quality and Data Management within a Pervasive Medical Environment
John O’Donoghue, John Herbert, David Sammon & John Barton
14 42

Quality-Aware Design of Repairable Processes
Cinzia Cappiello & Barbara Pernici
15 32

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