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Proceedings of the 2007
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
Mary Ann Robbert (Bentley College, USA), Robert O'Hare (Verizon, USA), M. Lynne Markus (Bentley College, USA), & Barbara Klein (University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA)
TitlePagesDownloads (since February 7, 2008)
An Alert Management Approach To Data Quality: Lessons Learned
Joseph Bugajski, Robert Grossman
14 205

Data Quality Aspects Of Revenue Assurance
Katharina Baamann
10 100

Assuring Data Interoperability Through The Use Of Formal Models Of Visa Payment Messages
Philippe De Smedt & Joseph Bugajski
9 48

A Model For Information Quality Change
Besiki Stvilia
11 265

A Flexible And Generic Data Quality Metamodel
David Becker, William McMullen & Kevin Hetherington-Young
15 217

When Interactive TV Meets Online Auction: A Study On Factors Affecting User Adoption
Jaeheung Yoo, Imsook Ha & Junkyun Choi
10 41

A Review of Information Quality Research - Develop a Research Agenda
Mouzhi Ge & Markus Helfert
16 301

IQ Management: Review of an Evolving Research Area
Mary Levis, Markus Helfert & Malcolm Brady
15 145

Development Of The CDMIQ Exam For Program Assessment And Job Entry Certification Of Data Management And Information Quality
Herbert Longenecker, Deborah Henderson & Pat Cupoli
10 44

Pervasiveness Of Materiality Of Factors In Operations And Their Changes In Decision Situations
Zbigniew Gackowski
13 52

Quality Of Data, Information And Knowledge In Technology Foresight Processes
Helinä Melkas & Tuomo Uotila
16 118

Developing A Model For Quantifying The Quality And Value Of Tracking Information On Supply Chain Decisions
Thomas Kelepouris, Duncan McFarlane & Ajith Parlikad
15 87

A Contingency Approach To Data Governance
Kristin Wende & Boris Otto
14 115

Data Quality? Don't Waste Your Time
David Evans & Nigel Turner
32 342

Efficient Allocation Of Quality Improvement Efforts To Support The Definition Of Data Service Offerings
Cinzia Cappiello & Marco Comuzzi
12 59

Simulations Of Error Propagation For Prioritizing Data Accuracy Improvement Efforts
Irit Askira Gelman
18 59

A Systematic Approach To Ensure Data Quality Within Emerging Systems
Casey Guehl
9 100

Data Quality By Design: A Goal-Oriented Approach
Lei Jiang, Alex Borgida, Thodoros Topaloglou & John Mylopoulos
15 178

Understanding Impartial Versus Utility-Driven Quality Assessment In Large Datasets
Adir Even & G. Shankaranarayanan
15 72

An Evaluation Framework For Data Quality Tools
Sylvaine Nugier, Virginie Goasdoue, Dominique Duquennoy & Brigitte Laboisse
15 166

Mining Data Quality In Completeness
Shouhong Wang & Hai Wang
6 116

Assessing Information Quality In A RFID-Integrated Shelf Replenishment Decision Support System For The Retail Industry
Cleopatra Bardaki & Katerina Pramatari
15 45

IQM-CMM: A Framework For Assessing Organizational Information Quality Management Capability Maturity
Saša Baškarada, Andy Koronios & Jing Gao
16 104

A Framework And A Methodology For Data Quality Assessment And Monitoring
Andrea Maurino, Carlo Batini, Daniele Barone, Michele Mastrella & Claudio Ruffini
14 236

Relevance of TQM or Business Excellence Strategy Implementation for ERP — A Conceptual Study
Vidhu Shekhar Jha & Himanshu Joshi
6 63

Rule-Based Measurement Of Data Quality In Nominal Data
Jochen Hipp, Markus Müller, Johannes Hohendorff & Felix Naumann
15 116

In Search Of An Accuracy Metric
Craig Fisher, Eitel Lauria & Carolyn Matheus
14 99

A Data Quality Measurement Information Model Based On ISO/IEC 15939
Ismael Caballero, Eugenio Verbo, Coral Calero & Mario Piattini
16 140

Assessing Information Quality Through The Use Of Prediction Markets
Liz Pierce & Londraies Thomas
14 65

Emergent Data Quality Annotation And Visualization
Paul Führing & Felix Naumann
7 80

DQ Metrics: A Novel Approach To Quantify Timeliness And Its Application In CRM
Mathias Klier, Bernd Heinrich & Marcus Kaiser
15 105

Data Integration Schema Analysis: An Approach With Information Quality
Maria da Conceição Moraes Batista & Ana Carolina Salgado
15 89

A Portal Data Quality Model For Users And Developers
Angélica Caro, Coral Calero & Mario Piattini
15 87

Interlingual Aspects Of Wikipedia's Quality
Rainer Hammwöhner
12 49

IQ Journey in Legal Practice
Peter Kaomea
10 55

IPMAP Research Status and Direction
G. Shankaranarayanan & Richard Wang
18 74

Employing The TDQM Methodology For Law Enforcement: An Assessment Of The SC Sex Offender Registry
Valerie Sessions
19 46

Interorganizational Information Systems And Data Quality Improvement: The Case Of Product Information In The French Large Retail Industry
Francois De corbiere
11 56

A Model for Information Quality in the Banking Industry — The Case of the Public Banks In Brazil
Luís Francisco Ramos Lima, Antonio Carlos Gastaud Maçada & Xenophon Koufteros
14 149

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