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Proceedings of the 2006
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
John Talburt (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA), Elizabeth Pierce (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA), Ningning Wu (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA), & Traci Campbell (Acxiom Corporation, USA)
TitlePagesDownloads (since July 14, 2007)
Data Quality & Agile Methods: A BT Perspective
Neil Williams, Wendy K. Ivins, Mikhaila S.E. Burgess
15 282

A Methodology for Information Quality Management in Self-Healing Web Services
Cinzia Cappiello, Barbara Pernici
12 105

Evolving a Comprehensive Meansure for System Quality
Tor Guimaraes, Curtis Armstrong, Brian Jones
13 125

An Improved Method for Automatically Determining Webpage Cohesiveness for Quality Information Retrieval from World Wide Web
Surya Yadav, Jeremy Bellah
15 80

Including an Information Quality Index in Assessing ICT Citizen Support Services
Yasuhiro Tanaka, Akihisa Kodate, Daiji Hario, Timothy Bolt
12 61

Why I Created BDQS
Brigitte Laboisse
12 73

Open Technical Dictionaries - A Breakthrough in Electronic Commerce Data Quality and the Transfer of Information
Emily L. Grantner
13 65

Determining the Cost and Effectiveness of Ehancing Data in the US Defense Logistics Agency Supply Chain
L. Robert Pokorny
14 70

Information Quality Measurement: Considerations When Defining Measures Supporting MPC Decision Making
Mattias Gustavsson
15 132

Significance Test for the Talburt-Wang Simliarity Index
Ray R. Hashemi, John R. Talburt, Richard Wang
8 55

An Information Theoretic Approach to Information Quality Metrics
Ningning Wu, Elizabeth Pierce, John Talburt, Richard Wang
13 193

Research into Information Quality: A Study of the State-of-the Art in IQ and its Consolidation
Luís Francisco Ramos Lima, Antonio Carlos Gastaud Maçada, Lilia Maria Vargas
13 218

Disinformation methods of Financial Crime Via Email
Panagiotis Petratos, Sofia Gleni
15 45

Social Information Quality Management
Miguel Feldens, João Lisboa, Nazaré Bretas, Reinaldo Barroso, Eduardo Basso, Suelia Pereira
11 93

Monitoring Data Quality for Very High Volume Transaction Systems
Joseph Bugajski, Robert Grossman, Eric Sumner, Steve Vejcik
10 94

Policy Making for Coopetitive Information Systems
Mario Mezzanzanica, Mirko Cesarini
11 57

The IASDO Model for Information Manufacturing Systems Modelling
Thanh Thoa Pham Thi, Markus Helfert, Howard Duncan
13 57

Modeling Operational Risk in Data Quality
Anton Raneses, Camille Deyong, Neil Glasstein
11 91

Information Quality: A business-Led Approach
Thierry Délez, Didier P. Hostettler
14 177

IQ Strategy: Assessing the Relationship Between Information Quality and Organizational Outcomes
John P. Slone
15 134

Proactive IQ Discipline
Tom McLaughlin
9 89

Master Data Management: A Framework and Approach for Implementation
Mike Shin
19 136

Hewlett Packard Customer Master Program: Data Quality Audit of 6 Functioinal Masters
Delphine Clément, Brigitte Laboisse
15 72

An Ontology-Based Approach for Data Cleaning
Paulo Oliveira, Fátima Rodrigues, Pedro Henriques
14 106

Data and Information Quality at the Canadian Institute for Health Information
Ann Chapman, Heather Richards, Steven Hawken
15 100

Delivering Data on Time: The Assurant Health Case
Pravin Nadkarni
15 57

Reabstraction Study of Discharges from Ontario Case Costing Hospitals
Heather Richards, Ann Chapman, Caroline Pelletier, Steven Hawken
13 44

An Analytical Framework to Analyze Dependencies Among Data Quality Dimensions
Fabrizio De Amicis, Daniele Barone, Carlo Batini
15 134

"""Not All Data Are Created Equal"": Inequality in Utility and Implications for Data Management"
Adir Even, G. Shankaranarayanan
15 83

Redefining Information Quality and Its Measuring: The Operations Management Approach
Zbigniew J Gackowski
21 186

Measuring the Impact of Transactional Data Quality On Operational Risk and Capital Adequacy For Global Investment Banks
Chito Jovellanos
10 68

Assuring Data Quality for ERP Implementation: Part 2-Comprehending the Evolving Picture
Peter Aiken, Chris Metz, Anthony Berta, Bill Finkel, Tracy Skalak, Bob Stanley, Susan Carter, Graham Blevins, John Sells, John McKeon, Debi Crockett, David Rafner, Diane Hara, Jennifer Farris
15 67

Deploying a Common DQ Architecture for a CRM Enterprise Data Warehouse
Nigel Totterdell
10 97

A Framework to Assess Decision Quality Using Information Quality Dimensions
Mouzhi Ge, Markus Helfert
12 156

Data Quality in Engineering Asset Management Organisations - Current Picture in Australia
Jing Gao, Shien Lin, Andy Koronios
18 71

The Effects of Data Quality on Machine Learning Algorithms
Valerie Sessions, Marco Valtorta
14 67

Towards a Capability Maturity Model for Information Quality Management: A TDQM Approach
Saša Baškarada, Andy Koronios, Jing Gao
12 114

Quality by Design: HUD's Use of Metadata to Manage Information Quality
Beverly S. Hacker, Adel Harris
12 59

Development-Process-Flow Templates to Advance A Functional Presentation of the DAMA Curriculum Framework to Ensure Information Quality By Achieving CMMI Level 3 In Enerprise Projects
Herbert E. Longenecker, Jr., Deborah Henderson, Eva Smith, Patricia Cupoli, David Yarbrough, Anne Marie Smith, Mark Mosley
16 74

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