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Proceedings of the 2005
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
Felix Naumann (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany), Michael Gertz (University of California at Davis, USA), & Stuart Madnick (MIT Sloan School of Management, USA)
TitlePagesDownloads (since May 26, 2006)
A Formal Definition of Data Quality Problems
Paulo Oliveira, Fátima Rodrigues, & Pedro Henriques
14 478

A Data Quality Model for Asset Management in Engineering Organisations
Andy Koronios, Shien Lin, & Jing Gao
25 124

The Product Approach to Data Quality and Fitness for Use: A Framework for Analysis
M. Pamela Neely
15 180

The IQ Solution Cycle
Frank Dravis
12 211

The Data Quality Improvement Program is Yielding Dividends for HUD
Beverly Hacker and Randy Bissett
5 94

Measuring The Quality of Care Using Data From Hospital Information Systems: Issues about Data Quality
Jonathan S. Einbinder, Vipul Kashyap, & Joel L. Vengco
18 111

Reasons for Disregarding Information Quality Management in Nursing Information Systems
Cathal Ó Riain and Markus Helfert
12 81

Information Quality Cost Curves: Empirical Evidence from PTR / SCR Costing
Anton Raneses and Michael Mielke
12 140

Data Quality Issues in Integrated Enterprise Systems
Diane M. Strong and Olga Volkoff
7 211

The Application of Commercial Data Integration Technologies to Improve the Quality of Anonymous Entity Resolution in the Public Sector
John Talburt, Charles Morgan, Terry Talley, & Ken Archer
10 85

A Theory of Complementarity for Extracting Accurate Data from Inaccurate Sources through Integration
Irit Askira Gelman
15 122

Improving Information Quality Management Using Caldea and Evamecal
Ismael Caballero, Angelica Caro, Mario Piattini, & Coral Calero
15 187

An Introductory Analysis of the Automated Manifest System and the Global Transportation Network within the Joint Total Asset Visibility (JTAV) System Using the Defense Logistics Information Service Data Quality Plan
Richard A. Hansen and Lt. Karen D. Cooper
13 54

An Introductory Analysis of the Hazardous Materials Information Resource System: Establishing Baseline Measurements for Data Quality and Application of the TDQM Method
Mary E. Faber (Author) and Kay Eggers (Briefer)
16 64

Operations Quality of Data and Information
Zbigniew J Gackowski
20 254

Value-Driven Data Quality Assessment
Adir Even and G. Shankaranarayanan
15 210

Reproducible Measurement of Data Field Quality
Marcus Gebauer, Peter Caspers, and Niels Weigel
10 110

Finding High-Quality Web Pages Using Cohesiveness
Joshua C.C. Pun and Frederick H. Lochovsky
15 89

A Broker for Selecting and Provisioning High Quality Syndicated Data
Danilo Ardagna, Cinzia Cappiello, Marco Comuzzi, Chiara Francalanci, & Barbara Pernici
18 70

CSDQ: A User-Centered Approach to Improving the Quality of Customer Support Data
Susan L. Keenan and Terri Simmons
15 67

Quality-Aware Mining of Data Streams
Conny Franke, Michael Hartung, Marcel Karnstedt, & Kai-Uwe Sattler
16 82

Mining Network Logs: Information Quality Challenges
James A. Pelletier and Tamraparni Dasu
13 65

A Methodology for Establishing Information Quality Baselines for Complex, Distributed Systems
Joseph Bugajski, Robert L. Grossman, Eric Sumner, & Tao Zhang
13 111

Requirements of New Emerging Services in the Ubiquitous Networking Society Based on IQ Analysis
Akihisa KODATE, Daiji HARIO, Hiroyuki KAWAGISHI, Yasuhiro TANAKA, Takashi BABA, Satoshi SEKI, & Ichiro NAKAJIMA
16 52

IQ Principles in Software Development
Michael Mielke
12 141

How to make a start: DQ Health Check
Nigel Totterdell MSc
6 136

Master Data Management Roles - Their Part in Data Quality Implementation
Alan Duff
15 150

Master Data Management (MDM) enables IQ at Tetra Pak
Patrick Bettschen
16 103

Believability as an Information Quality Dimension
Shekhar Pradhan
9 170

Antecedents of the Quality of Online Customer Information
Horst Treiblmaier
11 81

Interorganizational Trust and Interorganizational System's Information Quality
M.K.M. Ibrahim
14 58

Assessing Information Quality of a Community-Based Encyclopedia
Besiki Stvilia, Michael B. Twidale, Linda C. Smith, & Les Gasser
13 100

Quality-Aware Integration and Warehousing of Genomic Data
Laure Berti-Equille and Fouzia Moussouni
15 78

Using a Process Approach to Monitoring Financial Data Quality Assessment and Improvement
Donna Fletcher, Mary Ann Robbert, Kurda Mohamad, & Phillip Middleton
12 168

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