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Proceedings of the 2004
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
Shobha Chengalur-Smith (University at Albany), Jennifer Long (University of Toronto), Louiqa Raschid (University of Maryland), & Craig Seko (Statistics Canada)
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Developing, Implementing and Monitoring an Information Product Quality Strategy
Elizabeth M. Pierce
14 245

Getting Better Information Quality by Assessing and Improving Information Quality Management
Ismael Caballero, Oscar Gomez & Mario Piattini
15 322

Analyzing Information Quality in Virtual Service Networks with Qualitative Interview Data
Helina Melkas
15 80

Website Quality Assessment Criteria
Vassilis S. Moustakis, Charalambos Litos, Andreas Dalivigas & Loukas Tsironis
15 163

Web Design Quality versus Web Information Quality
Anne Matheus
10 127

Data Quality Strategy: A Step-by-step Approach
Frank Dravis
17 393

Simulations of the Relationship between an Information System's Input Accuracy and its Output Accuracy
Irit Askira Gelman
12 110

Metadata Quality for Federated Collections
Besiki Stvilia, Les Gasser, Michael B. Twidale, Sarah L. Shreeves & Tim W. Cole
15 107

Logical Interdependence of Data/Information Quality Dimensions - A Purpose-Focused View on IQ
Zbigniew J. Gackowski
15 321

Beyond Business Process Reengineering (BPR): Data Quality Engineering
Anton Raneses
13 141

Using the Data Quality Scorecard as a Negotiation Strategy
Traci Campbell, Keri Douglass & Wyndolyn Smith-Adams
10 145

Data Mining, Dirty Data, and Costs
Leo Pipino & David Kopcso
6 142

Information Quality Function Deployment
Latif Al-Hakim
13 143

Galaxy's Data Quality Program: A Case Study
Eric Infeld & Laura Sebastian-Coleman
14 94

Where to Start? A Preliminary Data Quality Checklist for Emergency Medical Services Data
Jennifer Long, Craig Seko, Chris Robertson & Dr. Laurie J. Morrison
14 90

Applying Name Knowledge to Name Quality Assessment
Kimberly Hess & John R. Talburt
7 81

The Development of a Healthcare Data Quality Framework and Strategy
Karolyn Kerr & Tony Norris
16 111

An Algebraic Approach to Quality Metrics for Customer Recognition Systems
John R. Talburt, Emily Kuo, Richard Wang & Kimberly Hess
14 97

Stewardship and Staging of Information for Enterprise Mining
Jon R. Wright, Gregg T. Vesonder & Tamraparni Dasu
12 52

Information Quality: How Good are Off-the-Shelf DBMS?
Felix Naumann & Mary Roth
15 85

WEAVE: An Automated System for Collating Unstructured Data from Web and Legacy Sources to Enhance the MRO Supply Chain
L. Robert Pokorny & Harpreet Singh
10 45

Quality-Adaptive Query Processing over Distributed Sources
Laure Berti-Equille
12 52

DQ Options: Evaluating Data Quality Projects using Real Options
Monica Bobrowski & Sabrina Vazquez Soler
14 97

A Classification and Analysis of Data Quality Costs
Martin J. Eppler & Markus Helfert
15 162

Completeness in the Relational Model: A Comprehensive Framework
Monica Scannapieco & Carlo Batini
13 97

Authoritative Data Source (ADS) Framework and ADS Maturity Model
Frank J. Ponzio, Jr.
12 63

Empirical Validation of the Structure of an Information Quality Model
Matthew Bovee
15 124

Quality Measures and the Information Consumer
M. S.E. Burgess, W. A. Gray & N. J. Fiddian
16 185

Information Quality in Complex Sales: Increasing Sales Proposal Information Quality through Corresponding Customer Account Plan Elements
Ronald M. Hyams & Martin J. Eppler
13 52

Representation and Certification of Data Quality on the Web
Cinzia Cappiello, Chiara Francalanci, Barbara Pernici & Francesco Martini
16 100

Customer Investigation Process at Credit Suisse: Meeting the Rising Demand of Regulators
Mario Klesse, Clemens Herrmann, Pius Brandli, Thomas Mugeli & Daniel Maier
15 50

Business Requirements of a Record Matching System
Andrew Borthwick & Maggie Soffer
14 70

A Methodology for Information Quality Assessment in the Designing and Manufacturing Processes of Mechanical Products
Ying Su & Zhanming Jin
19 107

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