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Proceedings of the 2003
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
Martin Eppler (University of Lugano), Markus Helfert (Dublin City University), Leo Pipino (University of Massachusetts), & Arie Segev (University of California)
TitlePagesDownloads (since Nov 9, 2003)
Barclays Bank Case Study: Using Artificial Intelligence to Benchmark Organizational Data Flow Quality
Adrian McKeon
4 85

Data Integration & Information Quality: Case Studies Addressing Interface Risk
Andy Zone & Mark Houston
3 81

Conducting an Information Product Competitor Analysis: Case Study
Wyndolyn Smith-Adams & John R. Talburt
3 52

A Multidimensional Model for Information Quality in Cooperative Information Systems
Paolo Missier & Carlo Batini
16 123

Evolving Knowledge: Empowering Information Users
Andreas Neus
10 80

Theoretical Framework for Defining Validity and Quality in Modeling
Fatma Mili & Krish Narayanan
13 83

Effect of Dirty Data on Analysis Results
Dominique Haughton, Mary Ann Robbert, Linda P. Senne & Vismay Gada
16 89

Analyzing Data Quality Investments in CRM: A Model-based Approach
Markus Helfert & Bernd Heinrich
16 81

Process Knowledge and Data Quality Outcomes
Yang W. Lee & Diane M. Strong
11 103

Quality Criteria of Content-driven Websites and their Influence on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: An Empirical Test of an Information Quality Framework
Martin J. Eppler, Rene Algesheimer & Marcus Dimpfel
13 89

Authenticity of Information in Cyberspace: IQ in the Internet, Web, and e-Business
Abrar Haider & Andy Koronios
12 73

Incredible Information On Internet: Biased Information Provision And A Lack Of Credibility As A Cause Of Insufficient Information Quality
Gernot Graefe
14 50

Data Quality Based Applications Testing
Mark Ofori-Kyei, Troy Lamoreaux, Padma Kulkarni, Rich Thompson & Sai Kalapala
5 74

Data Diagnosis: Making DQ Assessment Work
Nigel Totterdell
4 99

Pursuing a Career in Information Quality: The Job of the Data Quality Analyst
Elizabeth M. Pierce
9 81

Shared System for Assessing Consumer Occupancy and Demographic Accuracy
John R. Talburt & Greg Holland
12 42

A Relevant, Believable Approach for Data Quality Assessment
G. Shankar & Stephanie Watts
12 126

A Comparative Study of Data Mining Algorithms for Network Intrusion Detection in the Presence of Poor Data Quality
Eitel J.M. Lauria & Giri K. Tayi
12 46

Record Matching for a Large Master Client Index at the New York City Health Department
Andrew Borthwick
5 45

ClueMaker: A Language for Approximate Record Matching
Martin Buechi, Andrew Borthwick, Adam Winkel & Arthur Goldberg
17 40

A Data Quality Framework for Small Businesses
Peggy Leonowich-Graham & Mary Jane Willshire
6 87

The Challenge of International Data Quality and Unicode
Vish Vishwanath
4 48

Data Quality in Genome Databases
Heiko Muller, Felix Naumann & Johann-Christoph Freytag
16 52

A Flexible Quality Framework for Use within Information Retrieval
M. S.E. Burgess, W. A. Gray & N. J. Fiddian
17 80

Extracting Data from Free Text Fields: Assuring Data Quality for ERP Implementation
M. David Allan, Susan Carter, Peter Aiken, Mary Kay Cyrus, Kathy Wade & Sid McCormac
12 60

Preserving Web Sites: A Data Quality Approach
Cinzia Cappiello, Chiara Francalanci & Barbara Pernici
13 73

Exploring the Mediating and Moderating Effects of Information Quality on Firms' Endeavor on Information Systems
Yihua Philip Sheng
9 43

Would Organization Size Matter for Data Quality
Hongjiang Xu
15 75

Automating Objective Data Quality Assessment (Experiences in Software Tool Design)
Sergei Savchenko
12 82

Financial Reform Begins at Home
Thomas C. Redman
12 50

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