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Proceedings of the 2002
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
Craig Fisher (Marist College) & Bruce N. Davidson (Cedars-Sinai Health System)
TitlePagesDownloads (since July 1, 2004)
Modeling the Decision Quality in Sensor-to-Shooter (STS) Networks for Unattended Ground Sensor Clusters
Patrick J. Driscoll & Edward Pohl
13 52

Data Warehouse Institute Survey on Data Quality
Wayne Eckerson
1 86

Storytelling as a Management Tool: IQ When Profit Is Not the Bottom-Line
Lt. Cmdr. Stan Dobbs
1 50

Understanding Hidden Interdependencies Between Information and Organizational Processes in Practice
Raissa Katz-Haas & Yang Lee
13 71

Measurement for IQ Improvement: Translating Results from the IQ Survey Into Management Objectives
Bruce N. Davidson & Alein T. Chun
5 86

A Framework for Corporate Householding
Stuart Madnick, Richard Wang & Wei Zhang
11 48

Data Quality in the Context of Customer Segmentation
Dirk Arndt & Norman Langbein
14 73

Accounts Payable and Data Quality: Driving Sustained Improvement Through an Integrated Approach
Matt Clarke & Jessica Dunten
4 47

Impact of Information Quality in Supply Chain Management
Zahir Balaporia
4 77

Starting with Quality: Using TDQM in a Start-Up Organization
Rita Kovac & Cindy Weickert
10 57

Sustaining a Maturing Information Quality Process: The Aera Energy Experience
C. Lwanga Yonke
5 39

FedEx & Information Quality
Ivy Wan, Frank Guess & Rodney Bates
5 64

Special Operations Forces Data Quality Issues
Donna M. Wood & Eric R. Hughes
9 56

The Data Quality Act: Developing IQ Standards in a Political Environment
Patrick Flanagan
4 52

Evolution of a Data Quality Strategy
Mark Ofori-Kyei, Jimmie Lister & Geoffrey Mobisson
4 83

A Model of Data Currency in Multi-Channel Financial Architectures
Cinzia Cappiello, Chiara Francalanci & Barbara Pernici
13 43

Cost Benefit Analysis of Information Integrity
Vijay V. Mandke & Madhavan K. Nayar
13 66

Information Technology Investment and Firm Performance: A Perspective of Data Quality
YiHua Philip Sheng & Peter P. Mykytyn, Jr.
10 49

Model-Based Quality Evaluation: A Comparison of Internet Classifieds Operated by Newspapers and Non-Newspaper Firms
Adenekan Dedeke & Beverly Kahn
13 42

Ensuring the Consistency of Self-Reported Data: A Case Study
Hassan Davulcu, Jennifer Jones, Robert Pokorny, Chris Rued, Terrance Swift, Tatyana Vidrevich & David S. Warren
12 47

The Data Detective
Frank Dravis
5 59

Building the Coporate IM Scorecard for Improving Quality in Information Management Services
Pushpak Sarkar
5 42

Practical Regular Expression Mining and Its Information Quality Applications
Sergei Savchenko
10 42

Measuring Information Quality in the Web Context: A Survey of State-of-the-Art Instruments and an Application Methodology
Martin J. Eppler & Peter Muenzenmayer
10 126

Declarative Data Merging with Conflict Resolution
Felix Naumann & Matthias Haussler
13 40

Assessing Information Quality for the Composite Relational Operation Join
Amir Parssian, Sumit Sarkar & Varghese S. Jacob
13 48

A New Method for Database Data Quality Evaluation at the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)
Jennifer A. Long & Craig E. Seko
13 65

Data Quality in Action: Challenge In an Insurance Company
Miguel Feldens, Dalvani Lima & Luis Francisco Lima
5 68

Healthcare Informatics: Data Quality, Warehousing and Mining Applications
Frank A. Piontek & Hank Groot
5 73

The Services to Enterprise Project: An Experience of Data Quality Improvement in Italian Public Administration
Monica Scannapieco, Carlo Batini, Pietro Aimetti & Claudio Gagliardi
5 44

Extending IP-Maps: Incorporating the Event-Driven Process Chain Methodology
Elizabeth M. Pierce
13 58

IP-UML: Towards a Methodology for Quality Improvement Based on the IP-Map Framework
Monica Scannapieco, Barbara Pernici & Elizabeth Pierce
13 58

Evolutional Data Quality: A Theory-Specific View
Liping Liu & Lauren N. Chi
13 110

Formulation of a Decision Support Model Using Quality Attributes
Michael S. Gendron & Marianne J. D'Onofrio
12 62

Empirically Testing Some Main User Related Factors for Systems Development Quality
Tor Guimaraes, D. Sandy Staples & James D. McKeen
14 39

What Skills Matter in Data Quality?
WooYoung Chung, Craig Fisher & Richard Wang
12 97

The Advance of Process
Thomas C. Redman, A. Blanton Godfrey, Larry P. English & Mark S. Parise
8 71

Education and Training Panel
Craig Fisher, David L. Feinstein, WooYoung Chun, Diane M. Strong & Craig Fisher
7 38

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