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Proceedings of the 2001
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
Elizabeth M. Pierce (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) & Raissa Katz-Haas (Ingenix/United Health Group)
TitlePagesDownloads (since Mar 21, 2008)
Storytelling as a Management Tool: Institutionalizing the Data Quality Function at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Bruce N. Davidson
10 20

Generations of Information Quality: A Practice Paper
Frank Dravis
8 32

Organizational Realism Meets Information Quality Idealism: The Challenge of Keeping an Information Quality Initiative Going
Beverly K. Kahn, Raissa Katz-Haas & Diane M. Strong
13 20

A Proposed Framework for the Analysis of Source Data in a Data Warehouse
M. Pamela Neely
11 30

External Data Selection for Data Mining in Direct Marketing (Practice-Oriented Paper)
Dirk Arndt & Wendy Gersten
18 14

A Strategy for Managing Data Quality in Data Warehous Systems
Markus Helfert & Eitel von Maur
15 25

Data Quality Challenges in Enabling eBusiness Transformation
Arie Segev & Richard Wang
9 19

Accessing the Quality of Online Classified Websites: An Empirical Study of the 100 Largest US Newspapers
Adenekan Dedeke & Beverly Kahn
14 21

Managing Information Quality in Virtual Communities of Practice Lessons Learned from a Decade's Experience with Exploding Internet Communication
Andreas Neus
13 19

The Issue of IQ in Internet-based Early-warning Systems for Trend Management
Daniel Diemers
6 14

Data Quality in the Small: Providing Customer Information
Arnon S. Rosenthal, Donna M. Wood, Eric R. Hughes & Mary C. Prochnow
9 26

Quality Mining: A Data Mining Based Method for Data Quality Evaluation
Sabrina Vazquez Soler & Daniel Yankelevich
11 29

MEDD: An Approximate Matching Technology for Database Searching, Linking, and De-Duplicating
Arthur Goldberg & Andrew Borthwick
6 15

Cleaning Up Very Large Databases and Keeping Them Clean
Priscilla Broberg
5 22

Monitoring and Data Quality Control of Financial Databases from a Process Control Perspective
Janusz Milek, Martin Reigrotzki, Holger Bolsch & Frank Block
17 19

The Implementation of Information Quality for the Automated Information Systems in the TDQM Process: A Case Study in Textile and Garment Company in Thailand
Athakorn Kengpol
11 20

A Methodological Approach to Data Quality Management Supported by Data Mining
Udo Grimmer & Holger Hinrichs
16 28

Bellman: A Data Quality Browser
Theodore Johnson & Tamraparni Dasu
11 23

From Databases to Information Systems - Information Quality Makes the Difference
Felix Naumann
17 29

An Assessment of the Theory Underpinning the Role of Information Quality in the Single-Loop Decision Making Model
Raul M. Abril
17 21

Information Envelope and Its Information Integrity Implications: For a Complex, Changing Environment, Modeling a Generic Business Process as an Integral to a Closed Loop Information and Control System Characterized by Uncertainty
Vijay V. Mandke, Madhavan K. Nayar & Kamna Malik
20 17

A Conceptual Framework and Belief Function Approach to Assessing Overall Information Quality
Matthew Bovee, Rajendra P. Srivastava & Brenda Mak
18 40

A Generic Framework for Information Quality in Knowledge-intensive Processes
Martin J. Eppler
18 40

A College Course: Data Quality in Information Systems
Craig W. Fisher
12 35

Overview of an Approach to Data Quality
John Gimpert & Tim Krick
3 33

Data Quality and Medical Record Abstraction in the Veterans Health Administration's External Peer Review Program
James H. Forsythe, Jonathan B. Perlin & John Brehm
8 17

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) Data Quality Framework, Version 1: A Meta-Evaluation and Future Directions
J. A. Long, J. A. Richards & C. E. Seko
14 25

Tracking the Physical and Information Product Flows in Mobile Patient Service Supply Chain: A Real-Vision Lab Approach
P. Balasubramanian, G. Shankaranarayan & R. Wang
14 16

Non-Intrusive Assessment of Organisational Data Quality
Binling Jin & Suzanne M. Embury
14 21

Using Control Matrices to Evaluate Information Production Maps
Elizabeth M. Pierce
12 19

Introducing Data Quality in a Cooperative Context
Paola Bertolazzi & Monica Scannapieco
14 22

Information Quality and Large Scale Project Budget Tracking
Viktor Dvurechenskikh, Vladimir Baranov & George Huntington
3 14

Improving the Quality of Corporate Household Data: Current Practices and Research Directions
Stuart Madnick, Richard Wang, Frank Dravis & Xinping Chen
13 21

Information Engineering Approach for Decision-Making in Textiles
Yatin Karpe, George Hodge, Neil Cahill & William Oxenham
12 14

Information Products for Remanufacturing: Tracing the Repair of an Aircraft Fuel-Pump
Yang Lee, Thomas Allen & Richard Wang
6 16

Data Quality Issues in Service Provisioning & Billing
Tamraparni Dasu & Theodore Johnson
7 16

An Exploratory Investigation into the Impact of Information Quality upon the Perceived Value of Information
Graham Doig, Neil F. Doherty & Chris G. Marples
15 29

A Framework for Information Quality in a Data Warehouse: IQ in the Context of Data Marts and Data Warehouses
Jonathan Wu
5 26

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