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Proceedings of the 2000
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
Barbara D. Klein (University of Michigan-Dearborn) & Donald F. Rossin (University of Michigan-Dearborn)
TitlePagesDownloads (since July 12, 2004)
IP-MAP: Representing the Manufacture of an Information Product
G. Shankaranarayanan, Richard Y. Wang & Mostapha Ziad
16 83

Developing Data Product Maps for Total Data Quality Management: The Case of Georgia Vital Records
Frank H. Millard & Mike Lavoie
12 47

Developing a Data Production Map to Identify Data Quality Problems
Bruce Davidson & Alein Chun
36 68

How to Get an Information Quality Program Started: The Ingenix Approach
Beverly K. Kahn, Raissa Katz-Haas & Diane M. Strong
8 56

The Drive to High IQ in British Telecommunications plc (BT): Deploying Information Quality Tools in a Federated Business
Nigel H. Turner & John C. Hodges
9 46

Improving Information Quality in Loan Approval Processes for Fair Lending and Fair Pricing
M. Cary Collins & Frank M. Guess
9 40

On the Accuracy and Completeness of the Record Matching Process
Vassilios S. Verykios, Mohamed G. Elfeky, Ahmed K. Elmagarmid, Munir Cochinwala & Sid Dalal
16 58

Assigning a Quality Measurement to Matching Records from Heterogenous Legacy Databases: A Practical Experience
L. Robert Pokorny
6 43

Fuzzy Algorithm for Selection of Reliable Information of Databases from a Collection of Different Sources
Jing Yu, Yong-qing Li & David Wessels
7 47

Conceptualizing Information Quality: A Review of Information Quality Frameworks from the Last Ten Years
Martin J. Eppler & Dorte Wittig
14 177

The Assessment of Web Site Quality
David Kopcso, Leo Pipino & William Rybolt
12 60

An Approach for Information Quality Measurement in Data Warehousing
Markus Helfert & Renate Radon
17 88

A Conceptual Framework for Developing Quality Measures for Information Systems
Adenekan Dedeke
3 112

Using Time Series to Assess Data Quality in Telecommunications Data Warehouses
Renato Busatto
8 48

Quality Evaluation of Electronic Communication Fora with evalYOUate
Marc Rittberger
11 32

Assessment Methods for Information Quality Criteria
Felix Naumann & Claudia Rolker
15 144

Measuring Information Continuity in Evolving Decision Support Systems
Adjo Amekudzi & Olayele Adelakun
10 45

The Quality of Temporal Information
Eric Hughes & Ken Smith
6 48

Can Information Engineering Enhance Information Quality for Effective Decision-making in Textiles?
Yatin Karpe, Neil Cahill, George Hodge & William Oxenham
11 32

Hunting Data Glitches in Massive Time Series Data
Tamraparni Dasu, Theodore Johnson & Eleftherios Koutsofios
10 45

Data Cleansing: Beyond Integrity Analysis
Jonathan I. Maletic & Andrian Marcus
10 54

Data Certification
Ion Ivan, Paul Pocatilu, Teodor Mihal & Costel Stanca
3 46

The Interactions Between Improving Access to Data and Improving Processes
Bruce Kissinger & S. Thomas Foster, Jr.
2 44

Has Quality Management Any Effect on Quality? - Analysis of Quality Management by a Non-linear Model
Joachim H. Kreutzberg
18 43

The Enterprise Data Warehouse - From Data to Decision Making
Richard McCarthy & George Claffey
5 56

Ensuring Data Quality for Data Mining - A Case Study
Varun Madhok
4 57

Generalizing Association Rules to Ordinal Rules
Sylvie Guillaume, Ali Khenchaf & Henri Briand
15 32

Quality and Process Standards for Electronic Commerce
Joseph Sarkis & R. P. Sundarraj
16 38

Information Quality, the Information Infrastructure, and Emergent E-Commerce in Russia 2000
Elia Chepaitis
9 33

Managing Networks Containing Dumb Devices with Intelligent Agents
David Kenneth Barnes
10 28

A Soft System Perspective on Information Quality in Electronic Commerce
Mohamed G. Aboelmaged
2 45

A Sociological Framework for Information Quality in Virtual Knowledge Communities
Daniel Diemers
15 44

The Quality of Online Registration Information: Factors Influencing User Decisions to Reveal Authentic Personal Information to Online Marketers as Part of a Perceived Barter
Andreas Neus
13 31

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