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Proceedings of the 1999
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
Yang W. Lee (Northeastern University) & Giri Kumar Tayi (State University of New York at Albany)
TitlePagesDownloads (since July 12, 2004)
Shaping the FutureBT: Building Enterprise Wide Information Quality Competency
Nigel H. Turner
16 51

Certification of Information Services
Marc Rittberger
21 34

Modeling Information Flow for Integrity Analysis
Vijay V. Mandke & Madhavan K. Nayar
20 58

Developing a Framework to Manage Data Quality in Healthcare
Denis Kosar
19 62

Data Bryte: A Data Cleansing Framework
Steven D. Mohan & Mary Jane Willshire
12 46

Hunting of the Snark: Finding Data Glitches using Data Mining Methods
Tamraparni Dasu & Theodore Johnson
10 39

Do Metadata Models Meet IQ Requirements?
Felix Naumann & Claudia Rolker
16 66

A Homogeneous Framework to Measure Data Quality
Monica Bobrowski, Martina Marre & Daniel Yankelevich
10 94

On the Social Dimension of Information Quality and Knowledge
Daniel Diemers
19 55

The Virtual Mailing List
Elizabeth M. Pierce
18 30

Information Quality on Corporate Intranets: Conceptualization and Measurement
Martin J. Eppler & Peter Muenzenmayer
14 57

Developing a Data Quality Strategy in a Provider of Web-based Health Information Systems
J. Gregory Dobbins & Frank M. Guess
9 44

Information Logistics: A Data Integration Method for Solving Data Quality Problems with Article Information in Large Interorganizational Networks
Bas H.P.J. Vermeer
24 38

A Methodology for Establishing and Maintaining Quality in Data Context
Robert Tap
11 55

Establishing an Operational Data Quality Practice: The Data Quality for Army Medical Department Success Experience - A First Annual Review
James B. Houtsma & Thomas E. Leonard
20 42

Emerging Technologies for Information Quality Improvement
Mostapha Ziad & Yang W. Lee
18 50

An Information Quality Assessment Methodology: Extended Abstract
Richard Y. Wang, Diane M. Strong, Beverly K. Kahn & Yang W. Lee
8 97

Implementing the Information Quality Survey: A Case Study - Baseline vs. Follow-Up Results of an IQ Survey for the Cedars-Sinai Health System
Alein T. Chun & Bruce N. Davidson
19 53

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