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Proceedings of the 1998
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
InduShobha Chengalur-Smith (State University of New York at Albany) & Leo L. Pipino (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
TitlePagesDownloads (since Mar 21, 2008)
Institutionalizing Information Quality Practice: The S.C. Johnson Wax Case
James D. Funk, Yang W. Lee & Richard Y. Wang
17 19

Establishing the Environment for Implementation of a Data Quality Management Culture in the Military Health System
Cpt. Thomas Burzynski
29 16

Incorporating Stakeholder Values and Needs in National Highway Decision Support System Improvement Planning
Adjo A. Amekudzi, Sue McNeil & Busby N.O. Attoh-Okine
17 14

Modeling Quality Requirements in Conceptual Database Design
Veda C. Storey & Richard Y. Wang
24 23

Decision Complacency, Consensus and Consistency in the Presence of Data Quality Information
InduShobha N. Chengalar-Smith & Harold L. Pazer
14 12

Product and Service Performance Model for Information Quality: An Update
Beverly K. Kahn & Diane M. Strong
14 30

Information Systems Quality Process in Theory and Practice: Results from a Preliminary Case Study
Olayele Adelakun & Kaj Enholm
21 18

Quality-driven Source Selection Using Data Envelopment Analysis
Felix Naumann, Johann Christoph Freytag & Myra Spiliopoulou
16 13

Enumerating Data Errors: A Survey of the Counting Literature
Elizabeth M. Pierce
20 18

A Preliminary Analysis of Data Quality in Linear Regression Models
Barbara D. Klein & Donald F. Rossin
21 15

Flow Parameters and Quality in Accounting Information Systems
Akhilesh Chandra, Ravi Krovi & Balaji Rajagopalan
8 10

Measuring the Impact of Data Quality on an EDI Enabled Interorganizational Business Process
Bas H.P.J. Vermeer
13 14

Data Metrics
Ion Ivan, Otilia Parlog, Petrisor Oprea, Gheroghe Nosca & Anca-Andreea Ivan
17 27

Information Integrity Technology Product Structure
Vijay V. Mandke & Madhavan K. Nayar
15 14

From Data Source Quality to Information Quality: The Relative Dimension
Laure Berti
18 28

A Framework for Addressing Data Quality in Distributed Computing Systems
Finbar Fletcher
18 14

Data Bryte: A Proposed Data Warehouse Cleansing Framework
Steven D. Mohan, Mary Jane Willshire & Charles Schroeder
9 14

Understanding Data Quality in Data Warehousing: A Semiotic Approach
Graeme Shanks & Peta Darke
18 22

Data Quality Tools for Data Warehousing - A Small Sample Survey
M. Pamela Neely
11 20

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