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Proceedings of the 1997
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
Diane M. Strong (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) & Beverly K. Kahn (Suffolk University)
TitlePagesDownloads (since Mar 18, 2008)
A Risk Focused Model for Improving Information Quality: Lessons from the Science of Epidemiology
Col. Lane A. Ongstad
18 26

Quality Metrics for Healthcare Data: An Analytical Approach
Rema Padman & Melissa Tzourakis
18 29

Data Quality Improvement Activities in the Military Health Services System and the U.S. Army Medical Department
Lt. Col. David J. Corey
26 18

Total Data Quality Management: The Case of IRI
Rita Covac, Yang W. Lee & Leo L. Pipino
17 31

A Model for Delivering Quality Information as Product and Service
Beverly K. Kahn, Diane M. Strong & Richard Y. Wang
15 28

A Data Quality Engineering Framework
Dr. Donna M. Meyen & Dr. Mary Jane Willshire
22 26

Exploring Some Determinants of ES Quality
Tor Guimaraes, Youngohc Yoon & Aaron Clevenson
15 18

Quality - What Does It Mean for Strategic Information Services
Olayele Adelakun
16 24

Information Quality as a Strategic Asset in Inter-firm Relationships
Ellen Christiaanse
22 21

Using P-Charts to Track Data Quality (Some Observations Based on a Simulation Study)
Elizabeth Pierce
17 20

Out of Overinformation by Information Filtering and Information Quality Weighting
Laure Berti
7 17

A Quantitative Model to Support Data Quality Improvement
William Haebich
15 24

Customer Information Quality and Knowledge Management - A Case Study Using Knowledge Cockpit
Jessica Hu, Kuan-Tse Huang, Kazashi Kuse, Geng-Wen Su, Ko-Yang Wang
21 17

The Impact of Data Quality Tagging on Decision Complacency
InduShobha N. Chengalur-Smith, Donald P. Ballou & Harold L. Pazer
17 13

A Preliminary Analysis of Data Quality in Neural Networks
Barbara D. Klein & Donald F. Rossin
23 17

Teaching Data Quality in the Undergraduate Database Course
Richard G. Mathieu & Omar Kalil
18 17

A Data Quality Handbook for a Data Warehouse
Eva Gardyn
24 32

Preparing Data for the Data Warehouse
Stephen M. Brown
8 21

Data Warehouse Quality: A Review of the DWQ Project
Matthias Jarke & Yannis Vassiliou
15 25

Information Integrity - A Structure for its Definition
Vijay V. Mandke & Madhavan K. Nayar
25 21

Propagating Integrity Information in Multi-Tiered Database Systems
Arnon Rosenthal & Paul Dell
13 16

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