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Proceedings of the 1996
International Conference on Information Quality

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Edited by:
Richard Y. Wang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
TitlePagesDownloads (since Aug 12, 2003)
On Information Quality and the WWW Impact: A Position Paper
Arie Segev
8 120

Conditions for the Detection of Data Errors in Organizational Settings: Preliminary Results from a Field Study
Barbara Klein & Dale Goodhue
29 65

Data Quality and Systems Theory
Ken Orr
15 116

Can You Defend Your Information in Court?
Richard Wang & Yang Lee
12 55

Data Quality in Practice: Experience from the Frontline
Chris Firth
7 88

Competing with Quality Information
Alan Matsumura & Nadia Shouraboura
15 79

The Healthcare Industry and Data Quality
Melissa C. Tzourakis
7 66

Estimating the Quality of Data in Relational Databases
Amihai Motro & Igor Rakov
13 68

Knowledge Quality Assurance in Medical Data Mining
Vassilis S. Moustakis & Loukas Tsironis
10 46

Systems Approaches to Improving Data Quality
Levant Orman, Veda C. Storey & Richard Y. Wang
10 96

Data Quality Assurance Activities in the Military Health Services System
Maj. David J. Corey, Larry L. Cobler, Thomas J. Lonsdale & Karen Haynes
27 50

DOD Guidelines on Data Quality Management
Phil Cykana, Alta Paul & Miranda Stern
18 103

Beyond Security: A Data Quality Perspective on Defensive Information Warfare
Peter Kaomea, Susan Hearold & Ward Page
16 53

Managerial Issues in Data Quality
Donald P. Ballou & Giri Kumar Tayi
21 81

A TQM Approach to the Improvement of Information Quality
Ron Dvir & Dr. Stephen Evans
14 84

A Data Quality Engineering Process
Donna M. Meyen & Mary Jane Willshire
16 77

"Data and Information Quality - Will the New York Times Ever ""Get It""?"
James Hurysz
5 48

Name & Address Data Quality
Sophie Allen
14 71

TDQM Versus the Edifice Complex in Data Warehousing
Max C. Hansen
15 56

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