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Groundbreaking School of Business Professors Emeritae Donald Ballou and Harold Pazer were honored with an international award established in their names: the Donald Ballou & Harold Pazer IQ Dissertation Award, at the 12th Annual International Conference on Information Quality in 2007. Ahead of their time, Drs. Pazer and Ballou were among the first to investigate information quality from the information system perspective. In the 1970s, Pazer designed and implemented graduate and undergraduate information technology management programs at the School of Business.

The Ballou-Pazer IQ Dissertation Award recognizes the dissertation that demonstrates the most significant contribution to the information quality field. It is awarded for a dissertation on data and/or information quality that has been completed within the two calendar years prior to the ICIQ Conference. The winner of this award receives a framed certificate, a $1000 prize and the respect of the entire information quality community.

Call for Dissertations

Information Quality Dissertation Library

Members of the Evaluation Committee

Drs. Rolf Wigand (Chair), Markus Helfert, Yang Lee, Stuart Madnick, Felix Naumann, Richard Wang

Award Winners

Year Author Organization Title
2011 Gregory Hill University of Melbourne, Australia A Framework for Valuing the Quality of Customer Information
  Isaac Osesina University of Arkansas at Little Rock A Data-Intensive Approach to Named Entity Recognition Using Domain and Language Independent Methods
2010 Greg Holland University of Arkansas at Little Rock Knowledge-Driven Identity Resolution for Longitudinal Education Data
  Neal Gibson University of Arkansas at Little Rock Improving information products for System 2 decision support
2009 Paolo Missier University of Manchester Modelling and Computing Information Quality in e-science
2008 John O'Donoghue University of College Cork Context-Sensitive Quality Data Management for Pervasive Computing Environments
Shirlee-ann Knight Edith Cowan University User Perceptions of Information Quality in World Wide Web Information Retrieval Behaviour


Donald Ballou

Donald P. Ballou is an emeritus faculty member in the Information Systems Department of the University at Albany School of Business. His research has involved mathematical modeling in several fields, starting with non-linear fluid flow, which was his Ph.D. dissertation area in Mathematics at the University of Michigan.

Following positions in the Mathematics Departments of Brown University and SUNY-Albany (now known as the University at Albany), Don joined the University at Albany School of Business as a faculty member in 1976. There his research grew to include modeling in regional science, transportation, production and most recently information quality.

Along with Harry Pazer, Don was one of the first to investigate information quality from the information system's perspective. His work has appeared in various journals including Management Science, Information Systems Research, Communications of the ACM, and MIS Quarterly. He has served as a co-guest editor for special sections on information quality in the Communications of the ACM as well as the Journal of Management Information Systems.

In the early 1990s, he was identified as one of the top fifty researchers worldwide in Information Systems. Don is a member of several professional organizations and was elected to membership in the scientific honor society Sigma Xi.

Harold Pazer

During the 1960s, while doing graduate work at the University of Washington and teaching at Washington State University, Harold "Harry" Pazer conducted research on optimal quality control configurations in complex systems and co-authored the award-winning text Simulation in Business and Economics, 1969.

His top priority in the 1970s was the design and implementation of graduate and undergraduate MIS programs at SUNY-Albany. The field project orientation of the graduate program provided an opportunity to observe the importance of information quality issues in MIS design.

In the 1980s, Harry began his long and productive research collaboration with Don Ballou. Two key articles published in Management Science formed the basis for research streams which led to numerous publications. They were "Impact of Inspector Fallibility on the Inspection Policy in Serial Production Systems," 1982 and "Modeling Data and Process Quality in Multi-Input, Multi-Output information Systems," 1985.

The collaboration continued during the 1990s, often including other faculty members. Two key articles during this period were the Information Systems Research article, "Designing Information Systems to Optimize the Accuracy-Timeliness Tradeoff," 1995, and another Management Science article, "Modeling Information Manufacturing Systems to Determine Information Product Quality," 1998.

Since his retirement in 1999, Harry has joined with Don Ballou, Shobha Chengalur-Smith and Sal Belardo to publish occasional articles extending the work of the 1980s and 1990s.


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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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