The 1996 Conference on Information Quality


Conference Program



October 25, Friday


12:00 - 1:00   Registration


1:00 - 1:20     Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

Richard Wang, Co-Director for MIT’s TDQM Program


1:20 - 2:00     Keynote Speech

Rakesh Kaul, President & CEO, Hanover Direct, Inc.


2:00 - 2:15     Coffee Break


2:15 - 3:45     State of the Art Research in Information Quality

                     Session Chair: Arie Segev, University of California, Berkeley

Data Quality Research at SUNY-Albany

Donald Ballou, Harold Pazer, and Giri Kumar Tayi

State University of New York, Albany

TDQM Research at MIT

Yang Lee and Richard Wang, MIT

Leo Pipino, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Diane Strong, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


3:45 - 4:00     Coffee Break


4:00 - 5:30     State of the Art Practice in Information Quality

                     Session Chair:  Stuart Madnick, MIT

Data Quality and Systems Theory

Ken Orr, Ken Orr Institute

Knowledge Cockpit - Visualizing Knowledge Quality and Management

K.T. Huang, Director, Worldwide Knowledge

Management and Asset Reuse, IBM Consulting Group

How Will You Transform Legacy Data into an Information Asset?

Stephen Brown, Vality Technology


6:00 - 7:00     Reception at MIT Faculty Club


7:00  - 9:00    Dinner at MIT Faculty Club

October 26, Saturday


8:15 - 10:00   Research Paper Session I

                     Session Chair: Richard Mathieu, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

On Information Quality and the WWW Impact:  A Position Paper

Arie Segev, University of California, Berkeley

Conditions for the Detection of Data Errors in Organizational

Settings: Preliminary Results from a Field Study

Barbara Klein, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Dale Goodhue and Gordon Davis, University of Minnesota

Can You Defend Your Information in Court?

Richard Wang and Yang Lee, MIT

Diane Strong, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


                     Practice Paper Session I

                     Session Chair: Tom Redman, Navesink Consulting Group

Data Quality in Practice: Experience from the Front Line

Chris Firth, Citibank, Singapore

Competing with Quality Information

Alan Matsumura and Nadia Shouraboura

Diamond Technology Partners

The Health Care Industry and Data Quality

Melissa Tzourakis, Medicode, Inc.


10:00 - 10:15 Coffee Break


10:15 -12:00  Research Paper Session II

                     Session Chair: Leo Pipino, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Estimating the Quality of Data in Relational Databases

Amihai Motro and Igor Rakov, George Mason University

Knowledge Quality Assurance in Medical Data Mining

Vassilis Moustakis and Loukas Tsironis

Technical University of Crete, Greece

Systems Approaches to Improving Data Quality

Levant Orman, Cornell University

Veda Storey, Georgia State University

Richard Wang, MIT


                     Practice Paper Session II

                     Session Chair: Larry Cobler, Vector Research Inc.

Data Quality Assurance Activities in the Military

Health Services System

David Corey, US Army

Larry Cobler, Thomas Lonsdale & Karen Haynes

Vector Research Inc.

DoD Guidelines on Data Quality Management

Phil Cykana, Alta Paul & Miranda Stern

Defense Information Systems Agency

Beyond Security: A Data Quality Perspective on Defensive

Information Warfare

Peter Kaomea, Susan Hearold & Ward Page, NCCOSC, US Navy


12:00 - 2:00   Luncheon at MIT Faculty Club

Luncheon Speech: Key Challenges in Information Quality

Stuart Madnick, MIT


2:00 -3:45      Research Paper Session III

                     Session Chair: Beverly Kahn, Suffolk University

Managerial Issues in Data Quality

Donald Ballou and Giri Kumar Tayi

State University of New York, Albany

A TQM Approach to the Improvement of Information Quality

Ron Dvir, ECI Telecomm, Israel

Stephen Evans, Cranfield University, England

A Data Quality Engineering Process

Donna Meyen, The MITRE Corporation

Mary Jane Willshire, Colorado Technical University


                     Practice Paper Session III

                     Session Chair:  David Eddy, Niche Software Products

Data and Information Quality: Will the New York Times

ever “Get It”?

James Hurysz, Data Quality Journal

Name and Address Data Quality

Sophie Allen, MasterSoft Research Pty Ltd, Australia

TDQM Versus the Edifice Complex in Data Warehousing

Max Hansen, Max Hansen  and Associates


3:45 - 5:00     End of IQ 1996 Conference

Informal Discussions